Youth Performance Premium Long Sleeve (Silver)

Youth Performance Premium Long Sleeve (Silver)

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The Coolest Kids Are Outdoors In This Shirt

Their friends know ReelReports.  This iconic fishing shirt tells the world that they are out enjoying outdoors and off the video games.  

We tested the shirt to ensure they are comfortable, cool and offer sun protection to our junior anglers.


  • Dry-Fit full length long sleeves
  • SPF Sun Protection on back, shoulder and arms.
  • ReelReports Iconic Swordfish
  • Sublimation Printed For Longer Lasting Design

Size Guide:

  • True to size

Materials & Washing Directions:

  • The material is a dri-fit and can withstand elements.
  • Recommended to machine wash warm, inside out clean after a day of fishing.
  • Dryer is OK